a little about me

My introduction post can be found here.

The Basics...

Name: Melissa

Birthplace: Atlanta, GA

Current Location: Alaska

Education: Dual BS from Georgia State University (Early childhood Education and Special Education)

Occupation: Teacher (currently preschool)

Odd Food Fact:  I hate pickles. I used to WIG OUT if there was a pickle near me when I was younger. My first job was at chick-Fil-A and I used to get so grossed out when I had to touch the pickle container. Haha! I still don’t like them but the gagging effect has subsided.


Football Team: Georgia Tech! (We had season tickets when I lived in ATL… my parents still do.)

Baseball Team: The Braves and GT

Healthy Food:  RAW bell peppers… any color. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Dessert: Fresh peach cobbler with vanilla ice cream (or anything with chocolate and peanut butter)

Splurge: ice cream… anything with chocolate and peanut butter… OR a good beer. J

Movie: IF(!) I had to sit and watch one (not really a movie person) I’d say V for Vendetta or Garden State… I guess I’ve got a crush on Natalie Portman?

Music: Minus the Bear! I LOVE music (hence being a DJ) but MTB will always be #1.

Animal: koalas OR sea horses…

Color: Green

Hobbies: Tech sports, yoga, running, hiking, cycling, cooking, eating...