Saturday, April 30, 2011

Curry without coconut milk...

isn't curry at all.

So today has just flown by!

I started today with some eggs and oatmeal.. my pictures turned out horrible (still figuring this whole blog thing out)... you can imagine what it looked like. (1/2 c whites, 1/4 c oats made with water, cinnamon, and a sprinkle of chia seeds for good fats and some fiber.)

The mister and I then spent 3 (yes 3!) hours cleaning every nook and cranny of this house! Dusting, dishes, vacuum, swiffering, scrubbing... e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g! During the cleaning extravaganza I made a smoothie.

and slurped it down before finishing the spring cleaning craziness.

After we cleaned, I took a shower and got myself ready for the day. We were getting hungry for a real meal around 4p and decided to have an early dinner before our radio show at 6p. (Are we 70 yrs old?.. Early Bird Special right?)

I looked at the fridge and realized we just had a few things to use before our trip and decided to make a tofu curry dish... the only hang up was that I was out of coconut milk. I figred it would still be ok and went with it.

First, I cut up some mushrooms, onion, and pressed some tofu.

I opened a can of green curry paste. I love this curry paste! It's spicy and so delicious! I know it's not the healthiest to use canned and not just use curry powders but this stuff is awesome!

Next I sauteed a purple onion I had chopped but went unpictured and after it was nice and sweaty I added the tofu, veggies, and curry paste.

Ok folks, this would normally be when I add coconut milk to create a curry like sauce to soak my veggies and tofu in. Since we were completely out of coconut milk (or any kind of milk for that matter) I decided to just see how it turned out...

And the result? Don't let the picture fool you. The mister (who eats ANYTHING!) and I concluded coconut milk it a CRUCIAL part of a great curry meal. Don't get me wrong we ate it.. we don't waste food around here. But I definitely wouldn't pick to make a curry without having all the ingredients on hand.

But I was atleast successful in clearing out the fridge before out trip.

Moving on.

After our early bird special dinner at 4p we got out playlist ready and headed to the radio station.

Our show rocked tonight and I even have a picture for you!

Well, I'm about to close the laptop and call it a night. The radio station has our annual May Day celebration tomorrow and I will be there to help with crafts, face painting, our plant sell, and our may pole dance. I'll be sure to post tons of pictures for ya'll.

I leave you will on of the songs that had me up and dancing around the station during our show tonight. Enjoy.

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holly said...

i HEART curry. and could not agree more that a curry isn't a curry without coconut milk in it. fo realz.

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