Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Out for the count...

So, I'm sick. I never get sick. Of course it was going to hit me this week. Let me fill you in...

This week is filled with parent-teacher conferences for the end of the school year assessments. While I have been checking boxes left and right for my kiddos on an assessment that is close to 20 pages long (did I mention I teach pre-k?) I've been a little stressed. Well, Easter weekend turned into eat and do whatever you want weekend. Our easter dinner consisted of take out pizza and ice cream. I woke up Monday feeling like death.

I just kept chugging along Monday trying to get everything squared away before I leave for my trip (more on that later) and then I received the call. The all no new teacher wants to get. It was a principle at a school I interviewed with early this month. He told me he was trying every way to get me hired but it turned out my certification in GA read a little different in AK and I'd have to take another Praxis exam in order to be "highly qualified" for this position. I was pretty bummed out about it and then on top of getting sicker, I was just doing to movements yesterday. I hate that. Just being there at work but your mind is in a completely different place.

So, I woke up at 5am to do my daily morning cardio and felt horrible. I snoozed another 45 minutes and ended up texting y boss saying I won't be in today. The first time I have called out but if I was going to need a day to myself, this was the day.

so, my day has been filled with rain and this...

That would be blueberry tea, dayquil (makes me cringe) and lots of tissues.

I'm going to hit publish and rest for a bit... I need something in my belly... Ezekiel bread sounds amazing right now.

Oh, and the trip? I'm going to Hawaii for 2 weeks!!! I'll write a whole post on that later.

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