Wednesday, June 8, 2011

It's Veggie Box Wednesday!

Hello hello friends! I'm actually here to post a current Veggie Box Wednesday post!

(Can you tell I love Wednesdays?)

Before we get to the veggie box... I've got some recent eats to share.

eats for the day: smoothies (1/2 banana + frozen mixed fruit + spinach + Fage) + larabar (went uneaten) + salad beast (spinach + kidney beans + chia seeds.. a la Monday's post.) + h2o

"Eww! What are you drinking?" -student

 I love to bring green monsters to school because the kids freak out when I eat them. It doesn't matter how many times they see me drink or eat something green, they always find it gross.

and now the drum roll please.......

Veggie box time!!!!

all packed up

all the goods


In the box:
2 ears of white corn
1.5lbs red beets
3 ruby grapefruit
6 navel oranges
2 avocados
4 red bell peppers
1.25lbs fava beans
12 peaches
6 nectarines
.66lbs cremini mushrooms

Well, I'm off to go spend some quality time with the mister and the puppers.
Need to get a snack in my belly!

Until next time, folks!

What is your favorite weekday? What are you currently looking forward to?

Also, CONGRATULATIONS to Gina for her happy baby news! 

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