Sunday, June 5, 2011

Weekend Round Up

Wow... my lack of blogging is definitely a fail.

Have no fear though... I'm back with a full recap of the weekend errr... week that you have missed because I followed Janetha's advice and lived.

We received our weekly CSA veggie box (and I didn't post my Veggie box Wednesday post)

Veggie Box Wednesday!

Here are the goods... that are actually almost gone by now but still beautiful to look at..

navel oranges, asparagus, mangoes, white corn, mushrooms, golden beet, green bell peppers, grapefruit, peaches, tangelos

Also, I squeezed in a Costco/Fred Meyer trip after work on Thursday.

Some of you might not know but I live in a town where there is no grocery store. The closest one is in Anchorage (about 45 minute drive). Coming from downtown Atlanta where I typically go to Publix or WF at least everyday to a grocery trip 1-2x a month took some planning and getting used to.

There is a store in town that has odds and ends that are about 3x the regular price so we usually just wait and make huge grocery trips every few weeks.

This trip was definitely out of the ordinary because the Mister requested some special appearances in the dessert/sweet area. Hence the ice cream, nutella, and chocolate milk (not typically on our grocery list).

Our food




A happy fridge

Ok, let me be honest with you.... I have been absolutely and utterly L-A-Z-Y this weekend and have loved it.

We did have our weekly radio show last night and I actually made a dinner (which was an area lacking for about 2 days because the Mister was perfectly content ripping through the Costco sized bag of Cinnamon Toast Crunch for dinner... I may have a hand in the demolishing of the box.)

What's for dinner, you ask?


corn tortilla, refried beans, cheese, Fage, salsa, spinach + grilled corn on the cob

Normally, I buy ww tortillas to make tacos but the Mister requested for hard shells. I can't say our meals have been the most nutritious this week but hey... a healthy life is about balance.

I usually drink my coffee with a splash of unsweetened vanilla almond milk... this weekend I have had quite a few of these:

Irish Coffee (coffee, Baileys, milk) + a small scoop of vanilla ice cream

Oh yeah, we went there.

What did you do this weekend?
How do you keep a balanced life?

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