Saturday, May 14, 2011

Cinco Cosas

And we're back in Alaska! We had a 9:50p flight Thursday night and flew all night with a layover in Seattle before returning in anchorage around 11a yesterday. Since I've been trying to catch up on some chores..
(our laundry pile is ridiculous!)

I'll take one from this girl and make a list for you.

5 Things I'm enjoying:

1. Food in the fridge!

(I'm craving my CSA box though!)

2. My panini maker

(still in vacation mode with my grilled cheese cravings!)

3. Victoria Boutenko's Green for Life

(I just started it and really am enjoying it so far. I'll be sure to do a review when I'm finished)

4. SOJA- You and Me

(We continuously heard this on the radio in Oahu and fell in love with it. I'll be playing it on our show tonight.)

5. Penelope!!

(I can't even count how many times I look over at the mister and said, "I miss my puppy. I wish she was here." I'm worse than any mother.)

Well, I'm off to tidy up, get the playlist ready for the radio show tonight, and perhaps take a nope from Penelope and snooze a bit before the show. I'll be sure to start on the Hawaiian recap tomorrow!

What thing have you been enjoying recently? Any new songs you've had on repeat?

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Lee said...

I always miss my pup so much when I go away!

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