Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day

Hello Hello! I'm just stopping to wish everyone a wonderful last day to our long weekend. The positive side is although our weekend is coming to a close... we only have a 4 day workweek ahead of us!

I spent most of my day putting some of my plants outside along with some deck furniture. After doing that I decided to take the christmas lights down... yes, we still had them up. Apparently in Alaska you leave them up and on until the snow melts and the sun starts doing it's 24 hour thing. I was a bit put off by leaving them on until Memorial Day but our neighbors and other Alaskans reassured it's what you do up here. When in Rome...

I just wanted to write a quick check in and show you some recent snapshots..

last night's dinner: grilled organic cabbage + grilled organic white corn + black beans & water chestnuts

breakfast: Ezekiel toast + whites + avacado

bluebird sky

soaking in the rays

picnic lunch: organic romaine + organic carrots + chia seeds + edamame (next to the flowers a student gave me friday)

Well, I'm currently pressing tofu for tofu steaks tonight and trying to enjoy the holiday.

Some people have an actual TofuPress... I have a towel, pot, 4lbs of quinoa, and 5lbs of ww flour... you gotta work with what ya got.

**Some of you might have realized all of the comments have been deleted. I installed IntenseDebate to better facilitate commenting and discussions in the comment sections. **

What did you do this Memorial day? I hear the South if blazing right now with it's summer heat. My mom said it's almost getting unbearable. Remember to drink your water, ladies and gents and take breaks from the sun!

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