Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Gotta work with what you got..

This week had been a bit tough... to say the least.

This week marks my preschoolers moving onto Kindergarten. It'll be bittersweet for sure.

I also had 2 interviews at 2 different schools for teaching positions next year. Happy thoughts!

Because of the craziness which is my current life, we were running a bit low in the groceries department. (Hints the earlier post for Easy Peasy Granola)

I came home and did not want to have to think about dinner especially with the lack of supplies. To my surprise I concocted a pretty delicious meal. A bit high in fat for my personal liking for everyday eats, it definitely did the trick and had leftovers for lunch.

Tuna Alfredo

~1-1.5 cups Peas (I bought mine at Costco frozen)
1 jar alfredo sauce (once again... costco. But I love Newman's Own)
2 cans tuna (I always use white albacore)
brown rice (I cook a lot and use for leftovers)

To Cook: Throw brown rice in rice cooker. Warm peas in a skillet. Once warm, add tuna and alfredo sauce and heat thoroughly.

Once your rice is cooked, top with alfredo sauce and enjoy!

I went back for seconds...


Well, that was Monday and I desperately needed to go grocery shopping so Costco and Fred Myers was in the forecast for Tuesday.

Here is what I got...

Shared goods: bananas, ketchup (no hfcs), laughing cow, eggs, extra firm tofu, face moisturizer, toothpaste, kidney beans, peanut butter, toothbrushes, quinoa, tuna, spaghetti sauce, mustard

My goods: GoLean Crunch, Fage, Almond Breeze, Larabars, soy protein powder, Ezekiel bread, a brush (I left mine in Hawaii), and spinach

His Goods: wheat bread (That I just ate 2 slices of), mayo, harvarti cheese (ate that too), Chobani, whole milk, Cliff bars, Cinnamon Toast Crunch

Some recent eats...

Green Monster in the morning sun (next to our class hamster, Penelope-- she was given to our class already named.)

Whites, oats, and coffee w/ almond milk looking into the toddler room

blurry tofu, spaghetti sauce, and quinoa

An amazing summer dinner: wheat bread, mustard, tomatoes, spinach, harvarti cheese with cantaloupe chunks... flawless.

Anyone else on the job hunt? What is your go-to recipe when your lacking groceries? What's on your perfect sandwich?

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