Monday, May 9, 2011

The inevitable...

Yes, my friends... it happened.

We have been in Oahu for a week and have gone through numerous bottles of sunscreen SPF ranging from 50 to 110.

Well, today was overcast and we set out just to spend about an hour in the sand and then come upstairs to have breakfast.

An hour turned into 3! 3 hours NO SUNSCREEN!

I feel like such a fool. The mister and I both are hurting right now. Since it looks like we'll be getting some r&r in the room for the rest of the day, I decided to write about my sunscreen go0tos.

Vacation season is in full swing with graduations, weddings, honeymoons, and summer on the horizon so I hope this helps.

Here are some products I use (besides today) and really enjoy them.

1. Walgreens makes a great generic kids lotion. I like to use kids sunscreen because it typically is waterproof and stays on better. If you don't have a Walgreens look for a brand you are comfortable with and make sure it blocks UVB and UVB rays. This is typically my base coat for my entire body besides my face.

2. I have pretty sensitive skin and breakout easily so I use Coppertone oil-free sunscreen for my face and neck. I love this stuff! If your prone to breakouts on your chest or other areas feel free to use this oil-free, fragrance free, hypoallergenic lotion. AWESOME!

3. This trip was my first time using this product and it definitely has it's pros and cons. Pros: So easy to use! Especially if your sandy and want some easy to use just spray on and your done. Cons: the actual spray bottle isn't the best. I had to press the button pretty hard to get it to work.

Remember people! R-E-A-P-P-L-Y!! It's the key to saving your skin for another decade.

Disclaimer: These products were purchased with my own money and the review reflects my own personal opinion.

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Kelly T. said...

Ouch! There's nothing worse than a bad sunburn...especially on vacation!

Feel better & enjoy jealous! :)

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