Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Oahu Eats

So I'm back to talk a little about the eats from our Hawaiian getaway. (Sorry folks... no roasted pig here... but I did have my abundance of fresh fish!)

I'll spare you the pictures of my random eats (read: cottage cheese, greek yogurt, and countless veggie subway sandwiches.)

First up is Moana Surfrider's The Beach Bar. We came here for some pina coladas and something to munch on while bar hopping down Waikiki one night.
Pacific Crab and Spinach dip:served with kilauea sweet potato and taro fire chips

It was delicious! The chips were fresh and crispy and they weren't lying about the 'fire'. I'm really starting to enjoy the spicier things but these had my lips burning. It was a great pairing to my sweet and creamy pina colada and would go back in a heartbeat!


Of course we had to see what Duke's was all about while in Waikiki. There was a pretty long wait when we got there (around 8p) but I was starving and didn't want to walk to see what else there was so we just hung out on the patio and schmoozed with the host (an Atlanta Hawks fan).

Mahi Mahi Sandwich: Grilled with tomato, Napa cabbage and lemon caper aioli served with waffle fries AND Kimo's Original Hula Pie

This was AWESOME! The mister and I split everything and it was a perfect way to continue the bar hopping. The fish was so juicy and perfectly grilled. I'm salivating thing about it. And how about the size of that "Hula Pie"? That thing was HUGE! It was basically the biggest piece of ice cream cake I've ever seen (no complaints here!).


The following pictures are a bit off because of the dim lighting but they were probably the best meals from the whole trip. Yeah, I probably said that every time I ate. But seriously... amazing. We went to Ocean House which was the fancier restaurant connected to our resort we stayed at. Be aware you'll drop some serious dinero here but everything is fresh and local and to die for.

Crab Stuffed Mahi Mahi: Steamed to perfection, topped with our homemade bearnaise sauce and served with Maui onion mashed potatoes.

This picture does NOT do this dish justice. Crab stuffed mahi, people!?!

Seafood Lau Lau: Mahi Mahi, shrimp, scallops, luau leaf and sweet potato sauteed with garlic, soy, sake, wrapped in a ti leaf and served with Jasmine rice.

Ok folks, if I had to choose a last meal, this very well may be it. Everything was cooked to perfection. I had never had luau leaf before (very similar to spinach) and it was absolutely divine. The mister and I started with this as an appetizer and I could have very well eaten this everyday for every meal. So dang.
Ok folks, I know I'm new to this whole blogging thing but one thing you have to know about me is my love for hummus. Yes, it's true. My affirmation for this food can even rival this girl. After searching for cheap good eats in the area we found Da Falafel King. I won't lie... the name was a little off-putting but after reading countless reviews I had to see for myself.

We stumbled upon this little kiosk and my heart started thumping with excitement of fresh hummus and hot falafels. (Can you spy the mister?)
Large falafel Plate
The conclusion? Well, we ended up splitting this and ordering extra falafel and hummus. Just what I needed! One thing I'm missing in Alaska is a good meditaranian place. In Atlanta, our loft was joined with the most amazing place Ali Baba's. I would dream about their falafel wraps and is probably one of the top things I miss about ATL.

All in all, Da Falafel King was damn good.

So good in fact... We went the next day!

No shame.

Falafel sandwich topped with french fries.


We went to Yard House to watch the Hawks vs. Bulls game. We got a couple of beers and started with this creation.

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