Wednesday, May 11, 2011


You know how I wrote about the sunburn. Well, I'm healing up pretty nicely a little itchy and still red but nothing earth shattering.

The mister on the other hand woke up around 5:30a with this crazy extreme itch all over his body. He describes it as an intense itch that is deep in the skin that you can't scratch. The only relief has been showers. Lotion and aloe vera make it worse. Once he gets out of the shower he sits on the bed for a good 10 minutes before it starts to come back. I told him to sit in a bath but he says the sensation of running water is the only thing that makes it feel bearable.

I feel so bad for him.

I googled it (because I'm part of that generation that has to google everything) and there are quite a few threads talking about this extreme itch after sunburn. It's not your typical dry skin itch. In causing twitching and is driving him crazy.

It seems (based on the google search) that it was a bad enough sunburn to cause nerve damage and basically the only remedy is a soothing shower (got that down) and time (ugh...time).

I did go downstairs to the lobby and bought some things that people said might make him more comfortable.

I read that the Benadryl will help some with the itching, aspirin for the pain associated with the itching, and aloe for the dry skin. So far, the constant showers are the only relief he has experienced in the last 8 hours. That's right, he's been in and out of the shower for the last 8 hours. According to what I have read, this is going to last anywhere from 12- 24 hours.

He was a little hungry so I ran out and grabbed some Subway and actually had to feed it to him while he was in the shower.

Poor guy. I hope this passes.

REMEMBER: Wear you damn sunscreen!!! Normally he is the vigilant one with sunscreen so he never has to worry about stuff like this. Lesson learned.

Have you ever had really bad sunburn? Have you ever experienced the extreme itch a few days afterward?

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